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Foot reflexology is a "hug" that is given to the body from the part that most often "forget" and "mistreat" our feet!

Why is reflexology? The reflection is a part of the organism's response to the stimulus of its corresponding point on the sole of the foot. Just like that! In our (larger or smaller) feet have been identified and studied the corresponding points of the organs, muscles and bones, stimulated by pressure.

The energy flows in our body such as a river, but when this flow is interrupted by an obstacle here is that changes shape, direction and may cause damage. The same happens with the energy; flowing fluid in our body, but it can happen that the free flow is obstructed and you create a situation of disharmony in one part of our body or in our mind.

Here then is the zone massage of the foot steps in to try to restore balance where necessary, going to stimulate the reflex points.

This is in short what happens during a reflexology treatment.

It 'a practice not intrusive and you receive in total tranquility just being relaxed on a couch and in his heat of the hand caress the feet of the person.

Good relaxation!


The treatments will be performed during the period