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Baglioni o´scià

The meaning of the name 
"O'SCIA '" takes its name from the words with which you greet the people of Lampedusa. The term literally means "my Wind", "My breath" and is the most intense and affectionate greeting that we can exchange. Greetings extraordinarily vital that communicates passion, strength, energy. 
Breath and breath and soul motor of life, a bit 'as the music - when he gives the best of himself - can make us discover or rediscover the most intimate and precious things and the high value of our being with and for others. But "O'SCIA '" is also "Smells, sounds, colors, art dating" an acronym that encompasses the sense of a project that was created to promote the integration of ethnic groups, cultures and faiths, through' meeting, the exchange and the mutual gift of the most high and deep ethnic groups, cultures and faiths have been able to produce and they know and are able to offer: the priceless heritage of their thoughts, words, sounds, signs, shapes, pictures, stories . Meetings of art, then, in the knowledge that nothing more than art is able to bring man to man and help him to grasp the meaning, reasons, instances and the value of experience and the presence of . X EDITION - CIAO'SCIA '2012 27-28 - September 29, 2012  Lampedusa, Guitgia beach  Claudio Baglioni: CiaO'Scia '
Three days of meetings and music for ten years O'scia ' An outstanding tenth edition, which will end with three days (27, 28 and 29 September next) meetings and great live music on the beach of Guitgia in Lampedusa, to celebrate ten years of O'Scia ', the festival of arts and music - designed and built by Claudio Baglioni and the Foundation O'Scia '- dedicated to the theme of cultural integration and the image of one of the most fascinating areas of the' whole of the Mediterranean: the Pelagie archipelago. Participating Artists Early evening                                       Second evening                               Third evening
Claudio Baglioni                               Claudio Baglioni                            Claudio Baglioni
Gigi D'Alessio                                  Fiorella Mannoia                            Massimo Ranieri
Neri Marcorè                                   Giorgio Panariello                          Pino Insegno
Alessandra Amoroso                         Giuliano Sangiorgi                         Pino Daniele
                                                     Litfiba                                         Ligabue
SPECIAL O'SCIA '2011  Lampedusa 2 - 3 to 4 June Foundation O'Scia ', Italian Singers and 
Artists Association Friends 
together to Lampedusa Sùsiti 
Solidarity to the islanders, welcome to refugees gratitude to rescuers. 

A large gathering-concertoa more voices and more tools - Friday, June 3, at the port of Cala Pisa - with Claudio Baglioni and an entire team of performers, songwriters and musicians; concert preceded by a friendly football match between the Italian National Solidarity Singers (in the thirty years of its history) and Lampedusa Football (Thursday 2, at the sports ground) and later - on Saturday 4 - a series of artistic performances traveling, in the most evocative and symbolic of the island. 
Are the highlights of Lampedusa Sùsiti (in Sicilian, "get up, lifted, pulled out"), the three-day event - organized by the Foundation O'Scia 'and Claudio Baglioni together with the Italian Singers NIC Friends and Artists Association AAA - to transmit solidarity to the islanders, reception of refugees and gratitude to rescuers. 
The three-day special edition O'SCIA '2011 - which will include, among other things, a meeting of thanks to all those (Police, Emergency workers, international organizations, cultural mediators, Volunteers) devote their time, energy, passion and professionalism to the people of the Pelagian and the people of migrants and refugees - intends to launch, Italy, Europe and around the Mediterranean basin, a message of support, participation and hope. 
Many of the artists who enliven exceptionally team in this event, have already brought, individually, their testimony in Lampedusa, on the occasion of the previous editions of the festival O'Scia ', the traditional week of music and meetings between September and October sees the the biggest names in art, culture and entertainment reunite the island Italian and international, to promote the value of integration and preserve the public image of one of the most beautiful marine areas in the Mediterranean and around the world.
O'Scia 'ninth edition 2011  Lampedusa 27 - 28-29 - 30 September to 1 October 
The 2011 edition of O'scia '- the festival of arts and music dedicated to cultural integration - it is held, as tradition - to Lampedusa Pelagie Islands, from Tuesday 27 September to Saturday, October 1, 2011. 
This was announced by the Foundation O'scia ', which, despite having announced the end of the event in 2010, collects the pressing invitation of large sectors of public opinion, in the light of events that occurred, and is preparing to organize the ninth event of a 'international initiative, the only 
of its kind, boasting the participation and the testimony of three hundred Italian and foreign artists. 
"This year-said Claudio Baglioni, creator and promoter of the event - it will be an issue if possible even more passionate and intense, with which we will try to emphasize the hospitality to refugees, 
gratitude to the rescuers and solidarity to the islanders, who live 
one of the most difficult hours of their difficult history, including the chronic neglect 
the past, the dramatic threat of war in Libya and the crisis 
prevailing in the only sector on which the fragile island economy: tourism. "
"We hope - said Baglioni - that the appeal of the artists and the public 
reaches its destination and that the European and Italian they do not turn the other 
part, but do their duty because this area and throughout the Mediterranean 
rediscover the peace and serenity necessary to cultivate the meeting 
and not a clash between civilizations, as the only way to guarantee 
a future of growth and development for all. "
Participating Artists 

Early evening                                 Second evening                           Third evening
Claudio Baglioni                             Claudio Baglioni                              Claudio Baglioni
Antoine Michel                               Antoine Michel                                Antoine Michel
Mario Biondi                                  Alberto Fortis                                 Loredana Errore
Matilde Brandi                               Selene                                          Ramona Badescu
Nathalie                                       Emanuela Tittocchia                        Tricarico
Filippa Giordano                            Beppe Fiorello                                 Emma
Cugini di Campagna                       Amedeo Minghi                               Sasà Salvaggio
Maurizio Ferrini                              Nino Buonocore                              Camaleonti
Anna Tatangelo                             Dik Dik                                          Marco Columbro
Vinicio Marchioni                            Pino Daniele                                   Enrico Ruggeri
Patty Pravo                                   Irene Fornaciari                              Alessandra Amoroso
Chiara Canzian                              Zucchero                                       Edoardo Bennato
fourth night                                    Fifth evening
Claudio Baglioni                              Claudio Baglioni
Antoine Michel                                Antoine Michel
Enrico Ruggeri                                Loredana Errore
Marco Masini                                  Ira Losco
Lucariello                                       Ilaria Moscato
Sonohra                                         Lillo e Greg
Giuliano Palma                                Alessandro Preziosi
Stefano Masciarelli                          Annalisa
Giorgio Panariello                            Alessandro Siani
Teresa De Sio                                 Lino Banfi
Loredana Bertè                              Pablo e Pedro
Paola Saluzzi                                  Giorgio Panariello
Luca Carboni                                  Max Pezzali
Formula 3                                       PFM
O'Scia 'VIII Edition 2010
28,29,30 September 1.2 October 2010 Lampedusa TOGETHER WITH CLAUDIO BAGLIONI 
OVER 100 ARTISTS BETWEEN songwriters, SINGERS, MUSICIANS, ACTORS, AUTHORS, CONDUCTOR The eighth edition of O'Scia ', music and arts festival dedicated to the theme of integration between cultures, took to Lampedusa from 28 September to 2 October 2010.

On the stage set up as usual in the natural arena of the sand beach of Guitgia, Claudio Baglioni, co-founder and promoter of the Foundation O'Scia ', together with over 100 artists will create five days of live shows, unique and unrepeatable. 

The singers, musicians, authors, actors and presenters who will participate in the event, accompanied by their ensemble or band together with Claudio Baglioni are:
Alexia, MalikaAyane, Luca Barbarossa,Edoardo Bennato, MarioBiondi, ChiaraCanzian, PierdavideCarone, CarmenConsoli, SimoneCristicchi, LorellaCuccarini, CristianoDeAndrè, FrancescoDeGregori, Drupi, LoredanaErrore, TonyEsposito, NiccolòFabi, Fabri Fibra,GiorgioFaletti, GiusyFerreri, , EugenioFinardi, IreneFornaciari, NinoFrassica, MaxGazzè, IreneGrandi, FaustoLeali, Neri Marcore', MarcoMengoni, AntoineMichel, Morgan, NewTrolls, Noa, Noemi, Nomadi, RoccoPapaleo, DaniloRea, Rettore PaoloRossi, ValerioScanu, FrancescoScimemi, ShelShapiro, Sonohra, Syria, GegèTelesforo, MaurizioVandelli, OrnellaVanoni, RobertoVecchioni, ZeroAssoluto.    

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