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cala greca


  Cala Greca is the tiny caletta at the end of the campsite . Often described as a natural swimming pool . It is a natural thin long inlet with a handkerchief of sand at the beginning and low rocks along both sides . It is possible to enjoy and enter in swimming both from the sandy beach and from the rocks . Beach beds and umbrellas are available from the months of June to October . The caletta is left in its natural state , full of posidonia all the other months of the year. In all advertisements  of gorgeous turquoise  dream spots for your holidays the publicity never tells you about the ruinous impact the human race has had upon the environment and even here on Lampedusa , many miles out right in the middle of the Mediterranean sea , unfortunately global warming, mans pollution and its  devastating effect on the environment even here the  can be seen . If we have a mistral wind all is well , the plastic and rubbish accumulated in the sea by the acts of us humans is blown far away , BUT if it happens that you visit at the moment of  a sirocco wind , the picture immediately changes and plastic and rubbish is blown into the caletta , the sea also becomes turbid and loses its beautiful turquoise color. The effects of global warming also are sometimes  seen in the quantity of jelly fish now found in the Mediterranean and with the sirocco , large quantities are known to surround the island swimming along on the warm currents of an unbalanced  sea  .

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