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La Roccia camping Resort is unique in its genre . There is no where else like it on the island or any where, it is not a four seasons hotel and doesn,t want to be , it is not big business, we are humans. La roccia is based on a human level and human interaction. we are actively aware of the world ecological situation and in our work wish to help create positive changes toward helping the environment., we are dedicated to sustainable and responsible tourism


Situated in a very advantageous location out of the town centre half way along the South Coast directly at the entrance to the Nature reserve of Isola di Conigli with its world famous beach, La Roccia is in the best position to enjoy the original untouched, wild and beautiful part of Lampedusa island. 
From La Roccia one can enjoy trekking and walks into the reserve itself. 


Inside the resort vehicles are not admitted , and reforestation has been a major project by the owner Umberto who with long hard work, enormous personal  investment  his own time and money he has created  over the years a cool  shady oasis of mature  trees , an outstanding achievement on this stoney desert island.Visiting the island you will see  where the de-forastation of the island of the original inhabitants  has created a moon like landscape of complete desertification. Umberto’s work at La Roccia  has reversed this process. 


La Roccia is based on simplicity using the materials of the place man;s impact is minimised also  by recycling and reusing and putting back into the ambient as much as possible in an ecologically balanced fashion. The houses are small ,rustic and simple but with all essential comforts.   

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