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Zhineng Qigong


Qigong is a generic word for a variety of energy exercises and healing practices developed in ancient China. The word qigong is in Chinese composed of two characters: qi which means "life force" and gong which instead means "skill", "work", but also "achievement". So we could translate the word qigong like this: exercises in which body and mind are in harmony in order to govern the life force. More briefly qigong is the art of cultivating life force; cultivation that requires effort and time. Like acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage qigong is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The TCM postulates the existence of a subtle energy that circulates within the body and mind of the human being. When it is strong and in balance, this energy is able to improve health, and  repel or slow down the process of  disease. The concept of bioenergy can also be found in other cultures such as the Ki of Japan, the prana of India or the Mana of Hawaii and the Philippines. According to the books used in the universities of traditional medicine, it is a self-learning process, a process that integrates the occupation, the success and the use of the mind, body and life force.

Inside Camping resort La Roccia since 2015, we have Southern European Zhineng Qigong centre open all year . Offering practice and instruction and time for working on and improving any physical mental emotional or social problem. ​


The Southern European Zhineng Qigong centre  is open to anyone interested in exploring this discipline. With or without experience , with or without intentionally  understanding why . You will discover that it is Qigong that finds you !! You will only understand after why ! If you have the feeling then you must try!
  The centre is based inside La Roccia a unique eco village campsite on the island of Lampedusa in Italy . Guests have their own cabins /chalet,   practice and discussions are held daily. The accommodations are simple self contained bungalows ,with  bathroom, kitchen , bedroom , and private veranda . Available as double, single or family size . The surrounding grounds are perfect practice areas beautiful flower and tree filled nature oasis. The centre guarantees full immersion in the pure nature of Lampedusa , healing sun,  transparent sea , and unpolluted wind and sky . The Beautiful beaches and walks in the nature reserve , combined with daily practice of the discipline of Zhineng Qigong makes a perfect combination for rest relax and healing .The purpose of the centre is to give anyone anywhere the chance to experience the benefits of Zhineng qigong , wise qigong , qigong medico, in an environment far away from normal everyday life ,in a place exposed to  pure universal elements of nature allowing deep concentration and connection more so than in cities. The centre is open for complete beginners in which case detailed instruction in the discipline will be given or , for more experienced , advanced practitioners the space to have peace time and  relax to concentrate completely on improving their practice and  anyone in  a healing situation daily practice will enforce the immune system , revitalise life energy and normalize inbalances.  Thereis no time limit to your stay .   As long as you want or as you will discover as long as you need. Anyone with  any sort of problem   will have the full opportunity to work on any aspect necessary .

The  centre is particularly active in the months of October , November ,December .  This is because this is when the island of Lampedusa , returns to it’s natural    state , the influx of tourists stops  and the daily practice is more intense.   The weather !! For our Northern guests Scandinavian countries Germany Poland  etc , they find that these months  October , November , December  Lampedusa can be even warmer than their Summers! Hence a great reserve of sun and swimming in turquoise blue waters of the island can also be a great bonus .   

For more information please ring or write to Andrea 0039 3342107111 email  

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