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The only authentic eco-tourism on the island, La Roccia is a beautiful oasis, an island on the island. La Roccia Resort borders the nature reserve of Lampedusa, giving a natural undisturbed extension along the entire south-west coast of Lampedusa. Marvellous trekking just a stone's throw from the resort, so our guests can venture through the wild and prehistoric Cala Galera, passing along the cliffs and experiencing the now famous panorama of the flying  boats , from the top of the "Tabaccara,"  The walk continues along  the beach of  Conigli and  up to Cala Pulcino. These are the  most reknowned  places of the island. The resort itself descends gently  through a natural valley full of flowers and trees to reach a little known creek,  Cala Greca. Private for guests of La Roccia  there is no other place on the island of Lampedusa so well located. The accomodatiobns are harmonized with the territory, endowed with taste, and  are natural, rustic and ecological. Today for tourists looking for an alternative to noise and to the confusion of the modern world, the rhythm found at the Rock is unique .The creator of all this was a man named Umberto Gibilisco who had a vision, to offer life in harmony with the beauty and nature of Lampedusa to all.  It started in 1976 as a simple campsite, this part of the island, at that time was completely uninhabited, he started with his own hands and then  with the help of a few helpers to create his dream "La Roccia". Today some people compare the place  with a castle, maybe because it's all built with natural stones from the island. His reforestation project went hand in hand with the importance of the structure. He planted thousands and thousands of small trees, constantly persuading them to grow, losing some of them but gradually persuading others to grow in the rocky and hostile soil, and little by little the small forest grew, the older trees protecting the younger, creating shadow and humus, for a new and vibrant micro climate. Moreover, he invented and created by himself an ingenious system of recycling of all waters…. Today La Roccia vibrates with new energy creating shade, freshness and beauty, for relaxation, and the enjoyment of guests and campers. Combined with this reality, his English wife Andrea has studied and offers vacations including lessons and practice of Zhineng Qigong and other meditation practices, very suitable for the place and the whole island itself. These courses are a discipline of psychophysical well-being, and they are all year round, particularly in the late season, October, November, December when the tourist flow is less, the island more calm but the climate still excellent. La Roccia offers all the usual services for a complete holiday at affordable rates. It has an excellent bar-restaurant with the most beautiful panoramic view of the whole island, for excellent aperitifs and fish-based dinners, boat trips with lunch on board, car and scooter rental, etc. etc. Unfortunately Umberto is no longer , but his wife, children and friends continue to carry on his dream.

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